Technology Transfer

Transfer of the world’s leading technologies such as technologies to cut carbon footprint

We bring in cutting-edge technologies for China companies, such as technologies in soil remediation, green and renewable energy, and reduction of carbon emissions. For example, we cooperate with MCi, an Australian clean technology initiative based in Canberra that operates a mineral carbonation pilot plant in Newcastle (New South Wales), to deploy the world-leading technologies to cut carbon footprint in China. An MOU signing was witnessed by the Chief Minister of the Australian Capital Territory, Mr. Andrew James Barr, MLA.

MCi utilises carbon engineering to transform CO2 emissions from any industrial source into a bulk materials resource that can be used to manufacture a range of valuable building and construction products. It converts serpentine and carbon dioxide into magnesium carbonate and silicon dioxide through a chemical reaction in the world’s first carbon reactor. The biggest use of magnesium carbonate is to make fireproof bricks, and silicon dioxide can be used in energy-saving low rolling resistance tires.

MCi provides a modern decarbonisation solution that is not reliant upon carbon pricing, offsets, or subsidies.