ArmorShield Holdings Pte Ltd


ArmorShield Holdings Pte Ltd (AMS) is an investment holdings company founded by Liau Beng Chye in 1985 as a company dealing in ArmorShield Safety and Security film in Asia Pacific Region. ArmorShield Holdings has since then also involved in other areas, such as mining, information technology, building materials, and security products (URL:, real estate, mechanical and electrical and lighting industry. ArmorShield Holdings also provides services in business advisory, corporate finance, fundraising, private equity, and M&A deals, IPOs as well as project financing; Public-Private Partnerships.

In the last 30 years, ArmorShield has extensive experience in doing business in China, dealing with China government, state-owned enterprises, and financial institutions.

Currently, we engage in the following businesses in China:

  • Merger, acquisition, and integration of mining resources, financing, asset restructuring. The mining projects we involved in are mostly related to green and renewable energy and reduction of carbon emissions, such as serpentine, graphite, and lithium mining projects. We also invested in a Garnet mine project which is listed in an Australia stock exchange.
  • We help in fundraising for major projects in the region including China, Malaysia, etc.
  • We bring in cutting-edge technologies for China companies, such as technologies in soil remediation, green and renewable energy, and reduction of carbon emissions.

What others said about us.

Statements made by the Chief Minister of the Australian Capital Territory, Mr. Andrew James Barr, MLA on 11 April 2016

“I was pleased to witness Canberra start-up Mineral Carbonation International (MCi) sign a $100 million Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Singapore company ArmorShield Holdings, which has extensive networks and experience doing business in China.”

“The MOU is a platform for MCi to grow their business in China, with ArmorShield Holdings able to provide advice and guidance on engaging with the Chinese market,”

Mr. Barr said Mineral Carbonation International was partnering with industry leaders around the world to reduce carbon emissions and the deal would give access to ArmorShield’s extensive networks in China and across Asia.